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Alice Diaz

Freelance Sworn Translator (Traductora Jurada) English and Spanish (both ways). Qualified and with over 10 years of experience. Professional, competitive, speedy. Translations for private individuals and companies.

HRZCommunications and Expats Services

Do you have to go to the doctor in Madrid and don't speak Spanish? Do you need someone to help you fill your paperwork in Spanish? Do you need someone to come with you and support you with any Spanish-speaking institution or situation? Call us!

Europeanwide Translations

Traducción de idiomas para garantizar todas sus necesidades de comunicación. Adoptamos la norma UNE-EN 15038

  • ABA Congress

    Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conferences. Written translations for web pages, medicine, advertising material, computer science, the environment, business, technical manuals, conference speeches and programmes.

  • Ache Traductores

    Agency offering legal, commercial and website translations. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Transcription, proofreading, subtitles and glossaries also available. At C/ Juan Alvarez Mendizabal 43 bajo A, 28008 Madrid.

  • Agencia de Traduccion e Interpretacion de Madrid

    Translation and interpreting agency for technical, legal and sworn/certified translations. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Software localization, Subtitling and Web design.

  • AIB - Agrupacion de Interprete

    Company providing teams of professional conference interpreters working according to international standards and following the AIIC code of ethics to ensure quality multilingual communication.

  • AICE

    Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters non-profit professional association with 70 members all over Spain. Offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

  • Alcelenguas

    Alcelenguas provides translation and interpreting services to companies, individuals and the civil service through open tender. Sworn translations. Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison translations.

  • Alfa

    Translations, simultaneous interpretors, multilingual publishing, software localisation, video and multimedia language services available at Velazquez 146 7º, 28002 Madrid.

  • Alice Diaz

    Freelance Sworn Translator (Traductora Jurada) English and Spanish (both ways). Qualified and with over 10 years of experience. Professional, competitive, speedy. Translations for private individuals and companies.

  • alltime Translators and Interpreters

    Specialists in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.Normal and sworn written translations.

  • Aloxmedia

    Globalisation services, translation in more than 35 languages, localisation, and multilingual desktop publishing to companies needing to publish multilingual content. At San Francisco de Sales 36, Madrid.

  • ALPHATRAD Madrid

    Translation agency in Madrid. Technical Translation, Legal Translation,Certified Translation,WebSite translation, transcription, voice over, proofreading.

  • AMM Business Translation Center

    Simultaneous interpretation and text translation in English, Spanish and French. Technical, scientific, economic and financial, legal, publicity and general documents translated. At Atocha 14 1º E, 28012 Madrid.

  • AT Accurate Translations

    Providing translation, interpretation and linguistic services through a network of specialist professionals across Spain. C/ Jose Abascal, 44 – 4ºD. 28003. Madrid.

  • Avanza Traducciones

    Translation and interpreting services. Specialises in scientific, technical, medical, economical, sworn and commercial documents. Open 09:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00 Monday to Thursday and 09:00-15:00 Friday. Rafael de Riego 8 2º Oficina 3, 28045 Madr

  • AxLan Comunicaciones y Idiomas

    IT and language consulting. Web presence and internet specialists. Translation services for web pages, data and other documents.

  • Azento

    Simultaneous, consecutive, sworn and whispered interpretation and a range of text and sworn translation services available. Range of languages includes English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Swedish and more. Located at C/ Evaristo San Miguel 17, 28008 Madrid

  • Bicultural Translations

    Translation and interpreting service in English and Spanish. Providing a real translation instead of a word for word translation in both languages.

  • Blink Translations

    Translation and interpreting services company serving the business community. The agency has a large portfolio of professional translators, many of whom are trained in other professions. At Las Norjas 139 BJ. A, 28220 Majadahonda.

  • Calamo & Cran S.L

    Translators and interpreters. Calle Hileras, 17, 1ªD 28013 Madrid

  • Celer Pawlowsky

    Translators and interpreters with a global team of around 3,500 translators, interpreters, localization engineers and other qualified professionals. Offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Ludwigsburg in Germany.

  • ComTranslations

    Offers translation services worldwide in over 140 languages. Provider of professional translations, language interpretation and localization.

  • Confrence Services and Sales

    Language Interpretation Applications: * Bilingual Worship Services * Business Conventions * International Conferences * Class

  • Deltatext

    Translation incorporating automated document management, electronic editing and telecommunications systems. offering translation services at Avda. de los Arces Puerta F 1C, Campo de las Naciones, 28042 Madrid.

  • Eagle Language Service

    A company offering a wide range of general and specialised technical translation services. Online translation also available. Located at Zurbano 92 1ºdcha despacho 2, 28003 Madrid.

  • Elisa Martinez

    Certified legal translations English and Spanish. Authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Enai E-Consulting Internacional

    Legal, technical, medical, official, financial and web page translation. Legal, simultaneous and other intepreting services available. Internet advertising, multimedia development and language solutions.

  • Espana YaoShi

    Chinese, English and Spanish interpretation and translation for business meetings, congresses and conferences. Specialise in telecommunications, energy, banking, marketing, tourism, environment, art and sports sectors. C/Isabel Colbrand 16, 28050 Madrid.

  • Espanglish Home Traducciones

    Contextual and technical conversion of websites and software into different languages. Translation of text documents. Located at Avda Las Naciones 4 6ºC, 28943 Fuenlabrada.

  • Europeanwide Translations

    Traducción de idiomas para garantizar todas sus necesidades de comunicación. Adoptamos la norma UNE-EN 15038

  • Fruhbeck Traductores

    Direct, inverse and sworn translations into a variety of languages. General, legal, scientific and technical, commercial and CV translations also provided. Located at Amado Nervo 9, 28007 Madrid.

  • GBS Business services

    General, intensive, highly intensive and one-to-one Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese courses. Also offer translation, interpretation and language consultancy service. Located at Avda. del Doctor Arce 14, 28002 Madrid.

  • GIT Gabinet International de Traducciones

    Translations, interpreting, editing, composition and correction of texts. Translations of sworn and technical material also available. Located at C/ Don Ramon de la Cruz 72 1dcha, 28006 Madrid.

  • Global Multilingual Solutions

    Language consulting, translation, interpretation and corporate language training for companies. Over 50 languages and specialist areas covered. At Genova 7 3ª, 28004 Madrid.

  • Global Translations

    Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, legal, telephonic and sign language interpreting and translation. Transexpress service for urgent translation requirements. Language teaching services also available. At Abtao 5, Bajo Oficina D, 28007 Madrid.

  • Green Light Consulting

    Translation services for business with particular expertise in hi-tech, telephony and banking. San Juan de la Cruz 2 Pozuelo de Alarcon, 28223 Madrid.

  • Hasting Traducciones

    Financial, legal, technical and general translations, specializing in asset securitization and telecoms. Range of languages includes English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Rumanian and more. Based in Villanueva de la Canada. Madrid.

  • HRZCommunications and Expats Services

    Do you have to go to the doctor in Madrid and don't speak Spanish? Do you need someone to help you fill your paperwork in Spanish? Do you need someone to come with you and support you with any Spanish-speaking institution or situation? Call us!

  • In Translation

    Translations from Spanish to English. Contact Monica.

  • Ingles International

    English language courses by native English-speaking instuctors. Courses in person, over the internet or via telephone available. Translation service also available.

  • Interlinco

    All projects assigned to translators who are native speakers of the target language. Services include commercial, financial, legal document, certified and website translations. Urgent 24 hour translation service available. At C/ Lagasca 125, 28006 Madrid

  • Ipsofacto

    Conference interpretors and translators covering the main EU languages. Simultaneous and consecutive intepreting, translation of sworn, legal, technical, literary, tourist, advertising and web materials. Plaza del Alamillo 2 bajo dcha, 28005 Madrid.

  • Jessica Arino

    Professional translator and interpreter for your technical, legal and sworn and certified translations. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

  • Kelhara Translations

    French and Spanish to English and English and French to Spanish. Specialising in medical, technical, scientific and general texts.

  • Leon Hunter

    Translation company specialising in English to Spanish and Spanish to English language services including translations, sworn and certified translations, proofreading, copy editing and quality control.

  • Let´s Talk English

    Business-English language classes via telephone, internet or in-company. Translation services also available.

  • Lingua Global Solutions

    Personal Interpreters and translations. Pl. Patricio Martinez 4, 28024 Madrid.

  • Linguaserve

    Interpretation and translation services through B2B integration including document translating, creation and management of webpages. At Seminario de Nobles, 4, 28015 Madrid.

  • Linguistic services gemmafabre

    Translation Service: German to Swedish and English to Catalan and Spanish.

  • LocalEyes

    Services ranging from website translation into different languages to outsourcing of full localization projects, comprising Software, help, print, and marketing components. C/ Principe, 14 - 1° Izq. 28012 Madrid.

  • Madrid Interpreter

    Interpreter for conferences, business meetings, training courses and other international settings. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in French, English and Spanish.

  • MC Lehm International

    Agency specialsing in large volume translation in many business sectors and with financial, legal and technical translation divisions. Also offers simultaneous interpretation. At Garcia de Paredes 88, 28010 Madrid.

  • Mondo Services

    Specialised translations, sworn consecutive interpreting, proof reading and translation of instruction manuals. Languages include Spanish, English, German and other European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. C/ Zamora 7 1B, 28039 Madrid.

  • Mundo Abierto Soluciones

    Multilingual technical, engineering, medical, legal, financial, technical, journalistic, literary and IT translations. At C/ San Bernardo 83 5 15, 28015 Madrid.

  • Nakom Traductores e Interpretes

    Interpreting and translation services for corporate and private clients with specialists in different sectors such as law, engineering, medicine, computing and telecommunications. Located at C/ Caceres 48, 28045 Madrid.

  • Native Translations

    Company formed by a group of native English translators located in Madrid. Translators are all experts in sales, marketing, advertising and PR.

  • NeoAtlas

    Agency provides translations for general purposes, specialised documents, software localisation and web sites. Also offers desktop publishing services.

  • Noraktrad

    Specialises in engineering, informatics, communications, technologies, pharmacy, medicine, legal, commercial and sworn translations. Located at C/ Pinos Alta 66 local dcha, 28029 Madrid.

  • One Stop Shop Translations

    Translation services into over 141 languages. Includes translation into Spanish, French, Italian, German and all major languages. Office at Ronda de Segovia 87 5C, 28005 Madrid.

  • Rapid Translation

    Document translation of all types. Spanish to English and English to Spanish. 24 hour/7 day week service available.

  • Renee Lizotte

    Professional freelance translator from French and Spanish into native English. Main areas of expertise: international development, creative writing, tourism, business and law.


    Certified translation services by a translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain.

  • Sat and Steekle

    Executive language courses in many languages as well as Spanish for foreigners. Courses are oriented towards the business world. There is also a translation and interpretation service. C/ Monte Esquinza 24, 28010 Madrid.

  • Seprotec

    Translations to and from all major languages for single page or multi-lingual, multi-page documents; specialists in legal translations. Interpreting for conferences and meetings, simultaneous, consecutive or by telephone, into all major languages.

  • Seven

    Translation, localisation, training and IT. All translations from press, manuals, userguides, documents and books to websites, software and archives. At Parque Empresarial Euronova 3, Ronda de Poniente 2 1O, 28760 Tres Cantos.

  • Simon Harris

    Translations from Spanish, Portuguese, French and German into English. Wide range of fields including legal, financial, telecommunications, construction and many more! Excellent price-quality ratio.

  • SKYE Language Solutions

    British-Spanish agency providing the service of native translators and interpreters in 50+ languages.

  • Sworn Translator - Traductor Jurado

    Legal, sworn and general translations. Translate and legalise your documents. school, college records. birth and marriage certificates. Messenger service available.

  • The Translator Group

    Professional translation service certified according both European EN-15038 as well as North American CAN/CGSB-131.10 standards. With over 5,000 professional translators and specialists on hand, we are one of the TOP100 translation agencies WW.

  • Trades

    Translation and interpretation in every language. Also offer language services for video and multimedia and adaptation of software to suit client. At Plaza San Juan de la Cruz 7, 28003 Madrid.

  • Traduccion Madrid

    Translation services and translation-related services: certified and legal translation, website translation, marketing translation, interpreting and multilingual technical writing. Translators and interpreters in 64 languages.

  • Traducciones Juradas - Sworn Translations.

    Adrian Woods. Sworn Translator and Interpreter English and Spanish translation of official documents also general translation and interpreting undertaken. C/ Hilario Penasco 3, 28022 Madrid.

  • Traducor Jurado - Sworn Translator

    Translation of birth, marriage, school certificates and other legal documents as required by Spanish Foreign Office for a foreign document to be valid in Spain.

  • Tramec

    Translations from and into Spanish and English, other European languages and Japanese and Chinese. At Andres Mellado 6, 6 ext dcha, 28015 Madrid.

  • Translations in Confidence

    Whatever your translation needs, we’ll be there for you to deal with any European language translation combination. You are our raison d’etre! Call Rick Jones on 911235176 or check out at our website at

  • Tridiom

    Translation, interpreting, sworn translation and other services including transcription, dubbing, proof reading, text adaptation and summaries. Customer care open 09:30-14:30 and 16:30-18:30. At Principe 12, 2A, 28012 Madrid.


    Technical legal, business, medical and official translations, interpreting, multilingual project management, application and website translation services. Cover all languages used for world business. Located at C/ Golfo de Salonica 7, 28033 Madrid.

  • Ubiqus

    Transcription and writing, translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, audience response and audiovisual solutions. Cover all major languages from Spanish to Urdu, Bengali and more. Offices worldwide. Branch at C/ Belalcazar 8, 28006 Madrid

  • Virginia Perez Roman

    Certified English/Spanish translator based in Madrid. Legal, financial and academic documents.

  • Wigmore & Alvarez

    Specializing in foreign business creation and development in Spain, providing consulting, translation, and interpreting. Rodriguez San Pedro 2, oficina 212, 28015. Madrid.

  • Zenit

    Translation company offering a wide range of translation services from English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan.

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